1/2 cucumber

1/2 carrot

1/2 red bell pepper

1/2 avocado

pickled ginger

sushi (sticky) rice

2-4 Nori Sheets (seaweed)

Rice Vinegar


Soy Sauce (for dipping)

1 bamboo sushi roller


Slice all veggies into long skinny stick like pieces. Place nori on a flat surface. Wet hands with water and take the sushi rice and pat down firmly all over the nori sheet, leaving 1/3 of the nori sheet without rice (like in photo). Keep using water so the rice doesn't stick to your fingers. Make sure you place rice all the way up to the edges of the nori. Place some of the veggies down first on the far end of the nori (on top of the rice part). Finish with pickled ginger and avocado. Don't be afraid to fill it. Start by grabbing the bamboo and rolling tightly. Pull the other side of the bamboo to make roll as tight as you can without ripping the nori sheet. Do this all the way until you finish the entire roll. Use water to seal the nori. Roll off of bamboo sheet. Slice into pieces!

Kayla Jacob

Personal Chef

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