What make Whole Health Club a model that can last?Being a whole food plant-based gym allows us to be one of the most environmentally friendly gyms in the world. The benefits of not eating meat and dairy on the environment have been well documented, and more studies seem to be coming out every week. The issue with these articles is that it just talks about a problem and not a solution.

What is the solution? How can we get more people to eat plant-based foods?

It is Whole Health Club's belief that a major opposing factor to going vegan is people feeling they cannot eat good tasting food anymore. Our goal is to show you that you can still make items such as buffalo wings and ranch for sporting events, it just needs to be prepared differently. You can still have desserts, and in reality you can eat dessert every night because we show you how to prepare them a healthy way. Missing foods becomes a thing of the past once you learn how to make those same meals in a healthier and more sustainable way!

Another major factor is meat being seen as manly or that you cannot build muscle without it. We are trying to jump on the bandwagon to break that myth. There are NFL players that weigh 300lbs that are vegan, bodybuilders that are vegan, and even endurance athletes that are vegan. Yes, protein helps to rebuild muscle, but the misunderstood part, is that almost all food has protein and protein is not created equally. Protein from animals increases your risk drastically for long term health problems such as heart disease (#1 killer), cancer, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, high flood pressure and many more. These illness' can be reversed in many cases by adopting a whole food plant-based diet and exercising.

But I would rather give up anything but dairy.

Dairy is one of those items that some people have a deep attachment to and for good reason. Dairy is exactly what our body is designed to crave, fat, hormones, a lot of calories in a small serving and cholesterol. Those were important when food was scarce and tough to come by. In today's world food is readily available at almost anytime and people have much more sedentary jobs. So, the demand by your body for those types of food has disappeared. That is why people start to see their mid sections grow or put on weight without being able to explain it. Now for a solution! Don't just ditch that cheese taste that is still so good, but get rid of the bad parts of it. There are so many cheeses that can be made completely vegan, from nacho, to ricotta, to cheddar and mozzarella. They can all be made and Whole Health Club wants to show you how.

Now that we talked about ways people can go plant-based and not miss out on great food, let's look at exactly how much Whole Health Club's approach really impacts he environment:http://time.com/4266874/vegetarian-diet-climate-change/

This Time Magazine article does a great job of summing up the benefits. There are more links at the bottom to show how adopting this lifestyle can save you and the world. With the reductions in emissions and the impact it would have on water consumption it seems it would be hard to not at least consider going vegan. If you want help or just want to grill someone about it, give Whole Health Club a call and we can talk with you about the lifestyle and how we can make the switch easier for you!

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Chase Parker

Executive Director, Personal Trainer