We’ve all been there before: short on time, running on fumes, and faced with the choice between missing lunch or popping a frozen meatloaf in the microwave. Neither of these choices is good for us, but at least the convenience food will keep us going for the day!

Convenience foods like frozen meals are great for this kind of situation, but many of us let them take the place of real meals too often. In our busy lives, it may not be practical to avoid convenience foods altogether. For this reason, leading a healthy lifestyle means we need to rethink exactly what a convenience food is.

A banana can be unwrapped and eaten just as quickly as a candy bar, but it’ll actually nourish us instead of harming us. By planning ahead a little and keeping bananas ready for busy situations, we can easily swap out a harmful convenience food for a helpful one. This is the way we need to start looking at convenience foods for a healthy shift. Swap microwave meals for leftovers (or even a microwaved potato dipped in ketchup, which takes about as long to cook as a frozen meal) and swap something in a wrapper for a piece of fruit or two.

This small change can drastically decrease consumption of calories, added sugars, and fats while also increasing our fiber and micronutrient intake. Those looking to lose weight will certainly see a boost from this change, and everyone will spend their days feeling healthier and more energetic!

Austin Joseph

Personal Trainer/ Nutritionist