Hey! My name is Taylor Gibbs and I am one of the newest hires here to Whole Health Club, I’m extremely excited to work with other like-minded plant based trainers who value helping others as much as I do!  It’s an exciting time around the gym because there are so many awesome programs and offers coming up and I feel extremely lucky to be here to help everyone reach their goals.  Little bit about myself...

Things I live for

Exploration & Travel. My dog, Yadi.  Learning & Knowledge.  The mountains.  Getting after it.  Fam. Laughs & Smiles.  Food(In abundance).  Competition.  Outdoors.  Cultivating Relationships.  Plants.  St. Louis Cardinals.  Good beer(s).  Poignant words.  Podcasts.  Service and Gratitude. 

Favorite Quote. “I can change.  I can live out of my imagination instead of my memory.  I can tie myself to my limitless potential instead of my limiting past.  I can become my own first creator.” Stephen Covey

Favorite Food. Mediterranean.

Favorite Hobby.Snowboarding. 

Favorite word. Viscosity.

Favorite thing to ponder.  Space.  

Ultimately my purpose is to live a healthy, vibrant life and help others realize their own potential too!  

Going forward, with the help of others around the gym we will be posting weekly blog posts about anything and everything from nutrition(plant based nutrition) to fitness and all things in between!  There is A LOT of information regarding health and diet and so much of it is conflicting.  Plus what person with a full time job and/or family at home really has the time and even desire to research it. That’s where WHC comes in. So anything you may be curious about, drop an e-mail my way at Taylor@wholehealthclub.com and I’ll answer it via blog post so others can benefit from it too.  Expect another blog post soon about why I drastically changed my diet and benefits I’ve already experienced.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll be inspired to go for it too!

Enjoy more plants!