1.  Diet- This is the most important step to getting the abs you want. Now when I say the word diet I am not speaking about the new trendiest thing to shed some weight I mean just simply start paying attention to what you eat. We often just eat because were hungry and don't really take into account what we need, just what is there or is convenient. Once you begin to pay attention you will realize that eating WHOLE FOOD PLANT-BASED will truly supply our bodies with what it not only wants but what it needs at the most efficient level. " In general, the scientific research indicates that plant food proteins are more digestible than animal proteins. More stomach acid secretion and more bile synthesis and secretion, and more pancreatic enzyme secretion is required to digest meats, and all of these “mores” mean digestive energy, digestive process, and digestive complexity."*This means since plant protein is already broken into usable forms of amino acids our bodies spend less time and ENERGY breaking down proteins and gain more usable energy rather than digestive energy. Eating these foods also supply you with all your nutritional needs at a much lower caloric intake without having to count your caloric intake. Abs are made in the kitchen!

2. Weight Lifting- This part of ab training is often misunderstood because most people think to get abs I have to work my abs which I'm here to let you know it's not that simple. The importance of weight lifting comes into play in multiple workouts most which are overhead lifts, overhead carries, and squats. These types of lifts are often ignored when attempting to gain a 6 pack. These workouts are very intense because they work a wide variety of largest muscle groups increasing the calories burnt all while working your core as it supports the weight. When you think 6 pack don't forget to incorporate these workouts.

3. Cardio- We all know cardio, it's the running, the biking, the swimming, it's the workout not often thought of when you think 6 pack. Once we break down what it takes to see a 6 pack cardio makes much more since as step 3. 6 packs become so when we can see our ab muscles and this does not happen unless you have a low body fat percentage. So one group of exercises we know burns fat is CARDIO! This is great news because cardio are a group of exercises you can do too much of! If you can handle it keep going!

4. Intensity- This may seem obvious but too often I see way too much time wasted in the gym doing 2-3 hour lift sessions. A much more efficient and practical time is 1 hour. That being said this 1 hour should be very intense moving through workouts in a circuit taking short and minimal breaks between sets. Also spend more time on your major muscle groups and less time isolating your smaller muscle groups. Just remember when you work your back with pull exercises your biceps will get plenty of work and same goes for push workouts and your triceps.

5. Ab Exercises- First of I want to these are low on the list not because a strong core isn't important but because other things help us be able to see that strong core. Now many of these are important and the most important is having variety in these. They can range from Upper body Flexion (sit ups), Holds (planks), and Leg Flexion (leg lifts). No specific workout is better than the other when it comes to making a 6 pack all of the ab exercise in a wide variety are the key.

6. Consistency- This should be present throughout the other 5 steps!    

With these six steps you can ensure that you are on your way to building a six pack. These steps will make sure you don't forget getting a six pack comes from total body fitness. We must improve our body as whole to be at its best. Not only will you be on the way to your goal but you will be doing it the healthiest and most efficient way. Remember, when thinking six pack think Diet, Weight Lifting, Cardio, Intensity, Ab  Exercises, Consistency.

Chase Parker

Executive Director, Personal Trainer