Group Class Membership

Do you work well with others? We have amazing classes designed to get results and make sure you have fun doing it! These classes are built for every fitness level! Oh and just to make sure you keep making healthy food, you get a cooking class each month too!

All-Inclusive Membership

Do you like the best of everything? This is our top of the line membership. It includes all of our memberships with additional personal training sessions! If you want fast results, a fun environment, and that 1-on-1 attention, check out our all-inclusive membership!

1-on-1 Coach Membership

Do you want to workout with others, but need even more accountability and nutrition help? This is the membership for you! Not only do you get access to our fitness and cooking classes just like the class membership, but your coach will help to program your workouts and continue to work with you on nutrition whether you are cooking at home or going out. 

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Do you want to kickstart your fitness journey, but not quite ready to commit just yet? Well the 21 day challenge is the perfect way to try us out! You even have the option to have a 1-on-1 coach guide you through it!

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Try Our Free 7 Day Trial