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We are Whole Health Club

Rising above the fad diets and workouts by developing personalized health and fitness routines, combining exercise and proper cooking techniques to make healthy living attainable for everyone.

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Food is Good

At Whole Health Club, helping our clients obtain a positive outlook toward food is our passion. No more being scared of how much you eat. Free yourself from counting calories and weighing food. Our mission is to enable you to prepare delicious and healthy meals no matter how busy your schedule.

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Exercise is Natural

Our bodies are made to move and be active. At Whole Health Club, we help you get fit for your personal desires and your body goals. We do this through a personalized approach. Our trainers find ways to make fitness the best part of your day.

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Healthy is Happy

Healthy is not a goal to reach, healthy is a way of living. At Whole Health club we teach you how to live the healthy, enjoyable lifestyle you have been looking for. Together we will show you how being healthy can improve personal, physical and emotional aspects of your life.


We provide unparalleled classes and personal training. Come experience an hour in our high end gym, our spacious classroom, or our unique on-site learning kitchen. Why wait get Whole.

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Sam is really young but very knowledgeable. He helped me get in shape for dance and pushed me way past what I thought my limits were and is great for nutrition advice around the clock.

Davetra Fleary

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I have work with Sam for a year.  He has kept me motivated and on track.  If you are looking for a trainer who care about your goals and who will assist you on reaching them.  Look no further.  Sam is the ultimate trainer.

Judith JFJ Pressure Washing

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Sam is a great trainer, that keeps you motivated through the whole workout. He is high energy from beginning to end and put together varied workouts that keep the body guessing.

Austin Williams

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Sam is a great personal trainer! He is friendly, funny, motivating and very knowledgeable about fitness.  The workouts were challenging and he was great at keep them fresh to prevent boredom. I can honestly say that I really enjoyed going to the gym when I was training with him.

Krista Zyskowski

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Chase Parker helped me realize the importance of fitness and clean eating. His knowledge as a trainer and dedication to my success kept me motivated to do my best every step of the way during our sessions!

Constance fields

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During my training with Chase, I reached the best level of fitness in my 49 years. I lost 20 pounds and learned eat a healthy, whole foods-plant based diet. Chase is professional, encouraging, patient, a great listener, and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer.

Jodie Telg

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Chase is a great trainer and motivator.  He actually got me to go vegetarian.  He is personable, courteous and professional.  I am sorry that he has moved to another state.

Kevin sharpe

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As a working mother of 2, I hadn't realized how out of shape my body became. I came to Chase wanting to jumpstart  my weightloss journey to a fit healthier person. Chase coached me out of my bad eating habits, taught me how to grocery shop to eat clean, and pushed me to optimal physical strength. I am a better person after training with Chase. I recommend him to anyone wanting results. I am living proof.

Danielle Richardson

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When I started working with Chase I could barely walk from arthritis is my knees and hips. Chase totally turned that around so that after a few months I could walk without a cane, huge reduction in pain, plant based diet instead of junk food and he made me feel confident about myself. My Life will always be better for having had the privilege of working with Chase.

Rose Wershaw

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Chase took the time to really assess my individual  goals and needs.  He helped me to increase my flexibility and designed my workouts to maximize my results safely.

Paul Torres

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Chase parkers gracious manner ,positive outlook and skill sets will motivate you into a healthier lifestyle!

Carol Heely

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Following my lower back fusion I turned to Paige to help me build back up. In under two years of working with her I went from shuffling down my street kind of hunched over to celebrating my sixtieth birthday by making 60 parachute jumps in one day. Paige is the best trainer I've ever had.

Mike Hare

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Paige is and was an awesome personal trainer for me. I'm a breast cancer survivor. The treatment left me with a lot of muscle loss that needed to be built up again. Paige helped get back into life and work with her drive to see you succeed. She was emotionally supportive as well as my trainer. I feel she would be an asset to anyone's life goals.

Alysia Hines

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I just wanted to send you a message and thank you for everything you did for me. You really got me started on the right path to eating healthier and back on track with my fitness goals. I'm running my first 5K in two weeks. Thank you for being the support I needed to get me back on the right track to healthy living.  I love seeing all your yoga pictures. I am so happy that you are living your dream.

Mary Patient

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Personal training with Paige changed my life!   She challenged, encouraged, supported, and pushed me through each and every work out.    With her guidance I was able to achieve results I had only imagined.
Thank You.

Tracey Toress