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Personal training with Paige changed my life! She challenged, encouraged, supported, and pushed me through each and every work out. With her guidance I was able to achieve results I had only imagined. Thank You.

Tracey Toress

I just wanted to send you a message and thank you for everything you did for me. You really got me started on the right path to eating healthier and back on track with my fitness goals. I'm running my first 5K in two weeks. Thank you for being the support I needed to get me back on the right track to healthy living. I love seeing all your yoga pictures. I am so happy that you are living your dream.

Mary Patient

Paige is and was an awesome personal trainer for me. I'm a breast cancer survivor. The treatment left me with a lot of muscle loss that needed to be built up again. Paige helped get back into life and work with her drive to see you succeed. She was emotionally supportive as well as my trainer. I feel she would be an asset to anyone's life goals.

Alysia Hines

Following my lower back fusion I turned to Paige to help me build back up. In under two years of working with her I went from shuffling down my street kind of hunched over to celebrating my sixtieth birthday by making 60 parachute jumps in one day. Paige is the best trainer I've ever had.

Mike Hare

Chase parkers gracious manner ,positive outlook and skill sets will motivate you into a healthier lifestyle!

Carol Heely

Our Cooking Classes

At Whole Health Club, we believe in showing you how to cook healthy, not just telling you to do it. Come on in and cook with Chef Kayla to learn why every gym should have a kitchen!


Saturday, July 24, 2021

Bahn Mi Sandwiches

11:00 am


Monday, July 26, 2021

Chickpea Nuggies

6:00 pm


Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Korean Inspired BBQ Burrito

6:00 pm

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The Whole Health Cookbook

The Whole Health Cookbook takes the power of Whole Health Club, the world's first gym with an onsite teaching kitchen, and puts that power in your hands.

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